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The Family Enrichment Program  is a Child and Family Centre, offering FREE programs to parents and caregivers with children 0 - 6 years of age, in the North Bay and surrounding areas. 

"Meaningful programs strengthen the bonds among families with their communities; support the needs of the whole family, not just the developmental needs of the child; and provide a safe, caring, warm, and accepting environment.”   ~ Sr. Bea Gallipeau 


Founder of the Family Enrichment Program


Every family is special and unique.  Our goal is to support your uniqueness by offering assistance on an individualized basis.  You are your child's first educator; we are here to support you and your child on the journey to success. 


At the Family Enrichment Program, we strive to strengthen the bonds you have with your child and community.  Families attending our programs have the opportunity to connect with peers; consult with professionals; explore and learn through our inclusive learning environments; and receive information, support, and resources in areas such as early learning, child development, and parenting.

Mother and Daughter Love

What Families Say

"Being part of Family Enrichment has brought me so much joy and happiness. Its a safe place where me and my children go to have social interaction with other children and other moms. The staff are amazing!!!! Very welcoming, kind, and they take care of your children like they're their own. Whenever our family has had hard times the staff have always helped us in whatever way they can, helping to find services or things in the community that can help support whatever we're going through. Its like being part of a big family, it takes a village. Family Enrichment is the best place to help you navigate parenting with helpful reassuring staff who only want to see you succeed."

"My kids and I joined the Family Enrichment program Fall of 2022. The staff and volunteers have made a huge impact in our lives. My kids have never been enrolled in daycare so having a class they could attend once a week gave them the opportunity to socialize and help prepare for kindergarten routine. ​ My children had some major gains and absolutely loved attending every week. Social etiquette, nutrition exposure, physical activity, literacy learning... I could go on and on about all of the benefits. Everything was just excellent; I am very thankful to have been welcomed to FE. For myself it was so nice being involved in a sense of community with other adults, knowing my children were in the best hands. To feel sense of independence again, having group topics and conversation with other adults was just what I needed. I made friends, my kids made friends, this program has done more for us than they will ever know. I am forever grateful for the Family Enrichment program and staff."

"When I joined Family Enrichment, I was searching for assistance with all things parenting. I was very anxious about joining but I soon felt welcomed by staff and participants. Being provided transportation to and from the facility made Family Enrichment possible for us. When we first started, I liked how I was given time to get comfortable before leaving my child with the caring staff. Being part of the Family Enrichment Program meant our family support network grew. When I shared our challenges, supports were offered, sometimes in the form of advice or encouraging words, other times in the form of a referral, resource, or even supplies. Family Enrichment made sure we were clothed, fed, and supported our unique needs. I’ve learned many things at the program, things I wouldn’t have found without Family Enrichment. As my parenting journey progresses, I use the skills and knowledge I have gained as building blocks to build my family’s future. We still have challenges but knowing Family Enrichment is only a phone call away, gives me great comfort. I appreciate all that Family Enrichment has done for us."

Mother and Son


The Family Enrichment Program is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization that operates under the charity,  Catholic Schools Foundation of Nipissing-Parry Sound.

​Founded in 1980, the program helped fill a need in the North Bay area, by offering a unique service to young families that supported and assisted them.  Since then, the Family Enrichment Program has grown by pairing with several community partners, to now offer a variety of different services and programs to ALL parents and caregivers with children 0 - 6 years of age.  Please view our                                              to find one that best suits you!


The Family Enrichment Program is only able to offer such amazing programs because of our funders, volunteers, community partners, and the generous people who donate to this program.  We give a special shout out to the Nipissing Parry-Sound Catholic District School Board, who has funded and supported us since 1981. We are thankful to the District of Nipissing Social Service Administration Board (DNSSAB), who we receive our primary funding from, as an EarlyON agency, and we are proud to work side by side with the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC), together serving young parents.  We are also grateful to our other community partners, that allow us to use their spaces, to offer our programs to the community.

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